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Affordable DIY framing options for fine art prints

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

If you're anything like me, and you purchase a print on paper, it can easily be months before you actually get around to framing and hanging the artwork up. The limited range of sturdy, aesthetic, yet affordable frames on the market doesn't seem to help either. In this case - the cheapest option is not going to last the distance, and it could even do damage to your fine art print. So, I've included some links below, to picture frames available online in Australia that will fit (most) of the prints that I offer in my shop! Note: The majority of the prints that I offer will fit these standard frames.

Tip: when you're finding a frame for your fine art print, match the 'picture opening' dimension of the frame with the paper size of the print. You only want the print to be touching the glass/ acrylic or the archival, acid free matting, and not the frame itself, otherwise it will damage the paper and cause long term discolouring. I always suggest to people to get a larger frame than what the print is, so that you can include a white matting around the outside - this really elevates the final look of your print. You can choose what colour you would like for the frame itself, however I always suggest a natural timber look!

Cooper & Co. Homewares offer affordable, yet good quality picture frames that you can purchase through Temple & Webster and Amazon. Below are the links to the frames that will fit the sizes that I offer in my print shop.

30x30cm prints can be framed with this 40x40cm frame with a 30x30cm opening.

40x40cm prints can be framed with this 50x50cm frame with a 40x40cm opening.

50x50cm prints are the only ones on my website that I recommend getting custom framing. You can buy a 50x50cm frame, however this dimension is usually for the overall frame size, so the paper would be slightly too big.

A3 prints can be framed with this A2 frame with an A3 opening.

A2 prints can be framed with this A1 frame with an A2 opening.

A1 prints can be framed with the product above, or I also recommend custom framing for this larger size, so you can include the white matting.


If you're based in Brisbane, and you are after affordable custom framing, then I would highly recommend Brisbane Framing who are based at Seventeen Mile Rocks. They offer a select range of timber and moulding to keep the costs down for the customer.

I hope you found that list useful! I have edited this blog post to keep the links relevant. Please let me know in the comments below if you can recommend any other off-the-shelf frames or custom framers around Australia.

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