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Reproduction imagery by Carl Warner


Artist statement

'I began painting full time while living out of the back of a van, travelling around the country. Very soon after, my world was reduced to the walls of my inner-city apartment. Becoming a first time Mum during Covid was not a lens that was unique to just myself. However, I dedicate this show, at this time in my life, to my daughter. Flowers in her hair, evokes imagery of freedom and pure peace within oneself. I have painted this body of work both as an ode to her future, but also, a window to my past. In one way, I am her and she is me. I offer this series with hope. That despite what the world is, she can truly feel the wind on her face and the flowers in her hair.'

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Artist biography

Emily Day is an emerging, self-taught artist, based in West End, Brisbane, with a formal background in architecture. Her practice as a painter is defined by loose brush strokes in a fast layering of paint to build areas of detail. She predominantly works with acrylic and timber board to paint dynamic floral scenes and still-life arrangements.


Broadly, her work aims to capture a feeling of being completely grounded, for both herself, the artist, and the viewer. A consideration of proportion, curation, balance and scale is drawn from her design background, yet is applied to create the illusion of spontaneity for the viewer’s eye.


The catalyst for her early pieces came about from living and creating art in her van whilst travelling around Australia for 6 months in 2019/2020. Whilst living very intimately and minimally in her natural surroundings, her art evolved into a full-time practice. Now, her practice is more reflective and internalised; working from the living room of her apartment in the company of her young family.

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