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Hello! My name is Emily and I am an artist based in inner-city Brisbane, where I live with my husband, two young daughters and our 12 year old rescue dog. I can always be found tinkering away in my home studio, which is my first 'proper' studio space since I made the change from working in architecture, to starting full time painting in 2019. My studio has beautiful views out to the hills of the inner west, and I love the little oasis that the space offers for me to create in.


I use acrylics and oils (sometimes a mix of both!) to paint floral scenes, still life arrangements and landscapes. Broadly, my work aims to capture and celebrate the ‘aliveness’ of a moment in time: to encourage both myself as the artist, and you as the viewer, to be completely grounded in the present.


I find the whole process of completing a painting very meditative, from foraging florals and foliage, arranging them to form a lovely composition, mixing beautiful colours and slowly layering loose brushstrokes until I think a piece is done. I frequently draw back on my design skills by stitching together photos, sketches and memories in my mind to design an arrangement.


My work can be found in regional galleries around Australia and I also sell a lot of my work directly to the collector, because I love the story behind why someone connects with my paintings. I have a weekly series called Sunday still life, where I paint two 30x30cm still life studies in different arrangements and sell via Instagram every Sunday at 8pm AEST (it's been running for over 130 weeks!). I take on limited commissions spots per year. I also sell limited edition prints which are select reproductions of my original paintings. These are either paper prints that mostly fit standard picture frames or are professionally framed canvas prints. I also have an offering of beautiful linen products with my designs printed on them, that have been handmade right here in Brisbane, and greeting card packs printed in Melbourne on recycled card stock. In short, I love designing high quality, beautiful products as an extension to my painting work, that can be gifted  with intention (even if it's just a gift to you!). Good art should be accessible to everyone.


Please follow me on Instagram to see a little more of my process. You can also sign up to my newsletter – it is here that I send the occasional email about available work from the studio, which galleries my paintings are in and any new print or product releases. You can also email me at any time via with any queries or questions you may have.


I  love getting to know the people that connect with my art and I very much appreciate the support from you all. Thank you so much for being here!

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