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Brisbane floral still life painters, Kate Quinn & Emily Day have joined forces to present SEASONS at Latrobe Art Space, Paddington QLD; a beautiful collection of vibrant floral works in oils and acrylics.​

SEASONS is an immersive experience through summer, autumn, winter and spring. Four sections of the gallery will showcase a collection of paintings, ceramics, sculptures, prints and candles, all carefully created to represent the seasons using flora, fauna, fruit, and colour. The same arrangements have been captured by both Kate and Emily, yet are depicted in their own painterly style and interpretation, to hang side by side.  

Their paintings will be accompanied by stunning hand built vases, platters and lamps by South Australian based artist & ceramicist Pia Kuykhoven and hand painted seedpod installations by Toowoomba artist Chelsea Baker, also known as Hello Chelsart. In addition, two unique scents have been chosen to represent the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice, in the form of hand-poured soy candles, with Kate & Emily’s designs on the packaging, made right here in Queensland using upcycled wine bottles by Unwined Candle co. 

Photo 5-8-2022, 11 36 41 pm.jpg
Photo 19-7-2022, 3 42 24 am.jpg