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Artist in Residence with Merci Maison

This week, Merci Maison released their latest collaboration with seven Australian Artists; the Artist in Residence series. I was very lucky to be one of those seven artists invited to collaborate with the studio, to create original artwork to suit their Bello frame (see an image of my contribution below). Work created by each artist is available for purchase via the Merci Maison website, here. I highly recommend having a look to see how each artist has interpreted the organic nature of the Bello frame!

Merci Maison, means "thank you home" in French, and we were all given the opportunity to share a bit more information about our home and studio life: what inspires our art practice, where we visualise our art hanging and what our dream home would look like. You can read my Q&A with Merci Mason here.

Happy reading!

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