Magnetic wooden tea towel hanger by Home Dweller. 
Size: 50cm x 1.8cm x 0.6cm + cord.  
The perfect, quick and easy way to hang prints, tea towels and more in your home!
Each set contains four wood bars embedded with strong magnets. Just clamp your art between the two wood pieces on top and bottom and it's ready to hang.
These 50cm hangers fit my linen/cotton tea towels which can be purchased separately here
Note on timber varianceTimber is a natural product, the grain and shade of timber may vary slightly from piece-to-piece.
Images 2, 3 & 4 are provided by Home Dweller.


  • Lay your print/ tea towel on a flat surface. Clamp two bars at the top of your print and two bars at the bottom edge of your print/ tea towel. Hang using the leather cord or remove the cord and attach the top bar to your wall with screws or 3M Command hanging strips (not included).