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SEASCAPES is a mini series of coastal studies that I started at the beginning of 2022. While holidaying on the Sunshine Coast, QLD I began to paint little plein air beach scenes as a way to reconnect with my painting practice, after having a few weeks off. It sparked the joy that I once felt (pre-baby and pre-pandemic) of painting outside while travelling around Australia. It has also greatly assisted in loosening up my brushstrokes in general, which has had a flow on effect in my other still life and floral work.


Originally, these seascapes were never intended for sale, however I loved the process so much, that I decided to commit to a mini body of work, slowly over time. Some of these pieces were painted outdoors, as I observed the scene. Some of them were painted from photographs, sketches and memories of place once I was back in the studio.


I hope these seascapes spark a sense of nostalgia and that you find your own sense of place through their imagery. Thank you!

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