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It began as a series of floral documentations whilst road-tripping around the southern coastline of Australia. Photographing wildflowers spotted on hikes, conducting study paintings of my findings and collecting colour inspiration from fallen leaves, shells and rocks along the way.

The grounding in discovery and documentation for this series slowly transitioned to one of imagination and curation as everyday life changed and isolation as we have come to know it began. What began in my mind and out in nature was largely completed in my home studio in the middle of COVID isolation. Thus, in this work, colours are embellished and florals are arranged in ways I have only come across in my dreams.

"THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS" is the result. I hope you like it!


To send a purchase enquiry, please click on the image/s above to send an email to I will send you a confirmation message and a return invoice with purchase details. I will inform you if you are next in line to a particular piece!

Any remaining work will be posted for sale on Instagram on Monday 26th October, 6pm EST. 

Postage: Prices listed are inclusive of postage within Australia.

Framing: I will include a quote for custom timber box framing, in Victorian Ash or Natural Oak as an optional extra. 

Thank you for all your support x

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